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We believe in the soul of our beauty

To us, beauty is a feeling, a natural way of being, where character, self-esteem and humour are freely expressed and celebrated. That’s the soul of beauty. It’s not just about looking beautiful. It’s about exuding a vibrant attitude to life.

We believe in the beauty of our planet

Our commitment to seeking and sustaining natural materials and ingredients, and using all our planet’s resources wisely, guides our approach to business. We set challenging environmental targets, which we detail in our Values Report. We were one of the first to make a stand against animal testing in the cosmetics industry, and through The Body Shop Foundation, we continue to fund organisations campaigning to end the needless suffering of animals.

We believe in the community of our people

People are at the heart and soul of our business. We strive to treat all people in a fair and open fashion, to respect and value their integrity. We’ve never been afraid to champion the vulnerable and the disadvantaged, and we continue to campaign for social justice and human rights.  We take enormous pride in our Community Trade programme, not just because we were the first to bring fair trade to our industry, but because of the real difference it makes to the lives of the farmers, producers and their communities.  Today 60% of our products contain or are produced through Community Trade partners unique fair trade programme, a feat unrivalled in the cosmetics industry.  This pioneering programme means that in more than 20 countries across the world, over 25,000 people can benefit from a fair wage for work, in fair conditions.


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